An Incredible Journey with Joe Alberti of Rohara Arabians & ABD Justinian

ABD Justinian with Joe AlbertiI started in Arabians in 1990 when my family purchased our first Arabian; a chestnut flaxen gelding named Niteson because he was very thin and my father felt bad for him. I instantly fell in love, he was so much smarter than the Quarter horses we had owned previous. I quickly started heading to the library to read as much as I could about Arabian horses. Something that made my parents very happy.

Slowly the thirst for knowledge grew into a passion and we purchased my first "show horse" a long yearling named LL Destyny (Descalo X Mon Tsheri). I was quickly known around the local class A shows as "the kid with the grey gelding". I won my first class A championship with him under one of my idols Peter Cameron. As my passion and knowledge grew I quickly knew this was something I would want to do for the rest of life.

After 2 years in College I decided that this was the time to try my hand at being a trainer. I had worked at a local Arabian farm for about 3 years and decided I wanted to do my own thing and Chestnuthill Arabians was born. I ran that farm for 15 years with 40 horses, winning many National Championships from that farm located in the North East part of PA, USA. My original Arabian mentor Linda Robinson, who owned Lo-Lynn Arabians, sold me my first Arabian show horse who was sired by her *Aladdinn son Descalo and out of her personal show mare a daughter of Ivanhoe Tsultan, who was of course owned by Linda's long time Miami friend and mentor Roxann Hart of Rohara Arabians. This was how I first met Roxann.

As my relationship with Rohara grew and I purchased countless number of horses from them, who were some of my most successful show horses including the 2 x Reserve National Champion Stallion and sire of National Champions, Shaddofax, the bond between myself and Rohara grew. I started schooling some halter horses for them and then showing some as well, including the very first National Champion Sired by QR Marc a yearling 1/2 Arab Colt named Rohara Marc Twain. Shortly after that Roxann asked me to come to Rohara full time to join the Rohara team. This was a big decision as I had my own very successful training facility.

ABD JustinianAfter much thought the decision was made to sell the farm and move to Fl, USA. My horses and my very loyal clients who followed me moved to Rohara on Dec 10 2009. I have had a great career thus far in the industry, being nominated for APAHA & AHT readers choice awards, and being a member of Totally Tops in the halter and overall divisions. After Shaddofax won his second Reserve National Stallion championship and his breedings career was really taking off I decided I wanted to look for a great outcross for the Shaddofax daughters and for the new direction in which I saw the industry going. After over a year of searching and traveling my journey ended in Iowa with Vicki Niles and Arabians By Design where I found the most beautiful colt I had ever laid eyes on ABD JUSTINIAN.

The popularity of JUSTINIAN took off so fast I was not totally prepared. Before this colt was a year old there were over 50 Breedings sold. JUSTINIAN was very sick as a young colt and came very close to death on 2 different occasions, all the while breedings were selling like hot cakes. Once we knew "Justin" was well we planned to take him to US in the yearling colt class. He was not off all medication for that long but was feeling great and looking good. He was the youngest colt in the class and finished 3rd with the highest head scores of the class. His next outing would be Scottsdale where he was awarded the Bronze JR Championship, all the while still selling breedings. To date there are over 100 breedings sold and he will not be a 3 yr old until June 1. With his late birthdate breeding him as a 2 year old was not an option.

The future is very bright for this young colt with our eye focused on the 2016 Futurity colt class in Tulsa.

Joe Alberti
Rohara Arabians
January 2015