Paintings created with Passion for the Arabian Horse

Paola MarinangeliMy first encounter of the Arabian horse was a love at first sight. No other creature is able to provide more inspiration and emotion for my art. Twenty years ago I decided to dedicate my painting activity to Arabian Horses in addition to paintings and portraits of dogs. The fascination, elegance and nobility in the Arabian horse breed is something unique and the important Cultural Heritage behind this breed is so remarkable. This is another factor that guided me towards a strong desire to explore deeper into this breed allowing me to be more and more involved in this painting activity.

To portray Arabian horses is not an easy task, a lot of study, dedication, exercise and strong passion are required in order to obtain good results. I do love to represent Arabian Horses the way they really are not exaggerating the breeds main characters, showing the elegance, respecting the perfect combination of elements that create a wonderful horse with an excellent stamina, a beautiful horse but also a functional horse, my painting’s realistic style requires a lot of care to reach this goal.

My favourite painting techniques are the classic oil colours on board, canvas or paper; watercolour and a mix-technique of watercolour–gouache; then the basic technique of drawing with graphite pencil or water soluble pencils, an ethereal and essential technique that suits the Arabian Horse’s ‘ethereal’ beauty perfectly.
I like to paint head studies as well as fully body horses even though I believe that in case of a commissioned portrait it’s the head, with the right eyes expression that can identify better the model portrayed. Painting under commission is the biggest part of my work and also the most challenging one but I do love also to portray ‘fantasy’ horses. Does this mean, this is the model of the Arabian horse I have in mind, the one representing my personal ideal of ARABIAN HORSE BEAUTY?

Paola Marinangeli paintingOver these twenty years of painting I have also had the honour to co-operate with show organisers, providing original trophies for the Championship classes and would like to mention in this respect the World Championship Show for Straight Egyptians organised in Rome during the month of October.

For an artist it is imperative to improve, to refine both the technique side but also the emotional side of his or her work and nice words of appreciation by my clients/friends have assured me that over the years I have reached a very good level of quality; a maturity as far as style, soul and feeling are concerned but there is always, always ways to improve, to develop new techniques, to experiment something new but always respecting this wonderful breed and my ‘personal’ style.

My dream is to organise (I hope in the near future) an exhibition to show my works and how my style and technique has improved over these twenty years of painting Arabian horses. I would also love to produce a book to show the best of my painting production and to tell also something about my passion for the Arabian Horse breed. Arabian horses are an endless source of inspiration for me… A vision of beauty, a vision of perfection, a joy for eyes and soul!

Paola Marinangeli
Rome, Italy