The FABULOUS Texan Girl & Photographer, Randi Clark!

Texas- Undoubtedly, holds many of the finest horses in the world- and I call it home! Horses have afforded me a wonderful life and I owe them a lot of gratitude and respect. When I was a young girl I had the good fortune of being introduced to the Egyptian Arabian horse. The pursuit of capturing beautiful photographs of these inspiring creatures remains my goal each season.


I began my career at Bentwood Farms, Inc. The 1500 acre Egyptian Arabian breeding farm was located just North of Waco, Texas … yes Waco! Today, my home is a stone’s throw from the historical stallion barn where Ibn Moniet El Nefous, Moniet El Sharaf, Prince Fa Moniet and others stood at stud. Oh and the mares I worked with! Talnoa, Bint Bint Moniet, Bint Fa Dena, *Aminaa and of course *Magidaa.

Sotheby’s commissioned me to produce many of the images that made up the Bentwood Farm /Sotheby’s auction brochure. An honorable task but also a tough job! My only regret on that project is that I wasn’t a more seasoned photographer and artist. I was still a kid - I wish I knew then what I know now about capturing the essence of the horse. Those amazing horses were the best part of my life at that time. Fortunately, today I get to photograph the offspring of that amazing herd.

My job at Bentwood was to capture images of the mares and babies in the pastures as they played, napped and did what sweet babies do! What a job! I of course did much more than photograph. I was fortunate enough to get to assist in every facet of farm work. From marketing to breeding to training, I learned a little about all of the functions of the daily life on a large breeding farm. Photography was always my favorite duty of all … it was fun then and it’s still fun today-I absolutely LOVE my job!


I have had the good fortune to have many Arabian horse magazine COVERS – I am always in pursuit of more of those! My most recent cover was on the beautiful show program for the 35th Annual Egyptian Event. It’s a gorgeous, well planned program with over 300 pages of images and information concerning the Egyptian horse and the people who show them, breed them and admire them. Having had my image on THAT cover is very meaningful for me on many fronts. I extend again a very heartfelt thank you to the Pyramid Society for their cover image selection this year.

Being a mother has been my best experienceRC2 in life. It also kept me close to home. Now Abbi is on her own and I  am free to roam about the planet! I want the next 5 years of my career to take me places I’ve never been before. I know that the Egyptian horse is scattered from one corner of the planet to the other and I want to meet and photograph as many of them as I possibly can!

Pedigrees mean something to me. I am quiet about the art of breeding Egyptian horses but when I see a good horse I want to know its lineage. I am also intrigued by the people who choose Arabian horses...they are “special people” in my opinion. I think every good Arabian horse breeder needs at least one straight Egyptian mare in the broodmare band – LOL!

Today I see so many beautiful photographs of our beloved Arabian horses. I am pleased to see them portrayed as the beautiful creatures they are! I encourage all breeders, trainers and owners to invest in beautiful photographs and videos of their horses. There is no such thing as too many good images of these lovable and inspiring creatures - The Arabian Horse! Love to all, SEE you soon! Randi